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Free Word Excel PowerPoint to Pdf Converter 5.8

Word Excel PowerPoint to Pdf Converter is an all-in-one powerful converting tool

Free Word Excel Power Point to PDF Converter is a tool converter which will help you to convert doc, xls and ppt format documents to pdf (portable document format) without having Adobe software. This software runs in an independent way (separately) and you will have the facility to do your conversions in a Free way. There is the purchase version, where you can do a batch list of documents to work with. This one, you can only work with one file each time. The good thing about this is that you always will have the opportunity to upgrade your free version to the all functions purchase version, you can have the opportunity to evaluate this free version and if you are satisfied with its features, you will be able to buy anytime your purchase version. Its main menu very similar to the purchase version has features available just for your needs; you can work also with your pictures file, you will have the option to convert a text file in a compactly way. You can separate pages in your conversion batch, resize papers, choose your file, folder, add, delete files and so on, but remember just one each time. These programs are in the market because most of people prefer to send their own files in pdf format, because all the content of their document is intact, it won’t be altered, even if people do not have the Adobe software available in their computer. PDF File format is an excellent way to send someone a beautiful presentation or a single simple document. All its contents will be the way you want it. Well this program will help people, who need this kind of converter, and don’t have by the moment, the money to buy the Adobe Software.

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